Dena Fredrickson - Attorney at Law
Dena Fredrickson - Attorney at Law
Dena Fredrickson - Attorney at Law
Dena Fredrickson - Attorney at Law
  Dena Fredrickson - Attorney at Law
Equal Justice Under the Law
Equal Justice Under the Law Equal Justice Under the Law Equal Justice Under the Law Equal Justice Under the Law
Equal Justice Under the Law
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Internet Divorce Program

We see them all the time. . . in the courtroom, being rejected by judges. . . in our office, after the factlegal forms or kits that profess to be valid in all 50 states or even those that profess to be specifically valid in Texas but do not satisfy legal requirements. While many divorce cases may be similar, a cookie cutter approach simply wont work. How do we know? Because we couldnt do it. We tried to design a form that could adequately address all the many different facts our clients might present, but we found that the form became too complex and unusable for a non-lawyer. When we simplified it, the form generated misleading and inaccurate results. Our internet practice is designed as an antidote to that kind of legal dis-service.

Heres how it works: Rather than provide you with a confusing or incomplete form, we prepare the form for you. You get the best of all worlds: low cost legal services at self-service prices. Simply complete our Client Questionnaire and your confidential information will be delivered to us via U.S. mail or e-mail. Using the information you provide to us via the Client Questionnaire, we will prepare all the documentation needed to take you through the divorce process. Your documentation will be delivered to you via priority U.S. mail. (Faster delivery is available.) You will receive simple, step-by-step instructions on where and how to file the documents that we prepare for you, and when to appear in Court. And, we are available to answer your questions via telephone or email. We stand behind our clients, because we care about you and the quality of our work.

Family Law

We confidently handle all types of family law cases: Divorce. Modification. Custody. Adoption. Grandparent Rights. Pre-nuptial Agreements and Agreements Incident to Divorce. Our geographic practice area includes Harris, Montgomery and all surrounding counties. If you or someone close to you is in need of legal assistance, come by and talk to us. We respect our clients' privacy and all matters you discuss with us will be kept in the utmost confidence.


Federal bankruptcy laws are designed to allow persons burdened by excessive debt to get a "fresh start." Our bankruptcy practice is primarily oriented toward helping debtors achieve that fresh start. In some cases, even though the amount or number of debts seems insurmountable, it may be advantageous to negotiate an informal workout with creditors and the avoid bankruptcy process altogether. In other cases, a reorganization bankruptcy under Ch. 13 of the Bankruptcy Code may be a better choice, especially if the debtor has some regular income and has the ability to pay some portion of his or her debts.

A liquidation bankruptcy under Ch. 7 of the Bankruptcy Code can be a simple remedy to wipe out all or most debts. Texas is known as a debtor-friendly state. If you are burdened by debt and are looking for a way out, come by and talk to us. We will be happy to help you to better understand your options.

Consumer Complaints

We often see clients who are having problems with businesses or contractors who won't respond to customer complaints. If you've got a problem and can't seem to get a fair response, consider our pre-suit investigation option: For a set fee of $825.00, we will investigate your claim, contact your vendor or contractor in an effort to resolve the problem, assist you with any claim procedures with government agencies and basically exhaust all legal remedies short of filing a formal lawsuit. Often the intervention of an attorney on your behalf will get results where other efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

Real Estate

A significant portion of our practice is dedicated to resolving land title disputes and cases involving land use. When litigation is needed to resolve a dispute, an attorney who specializes in real estate transactions and closings is often not an appropriate choice to be your advocate in the courtroom, should that become necessary. We have handled several complex cases involving title, lien, boundary and use disputes. Your property is a valuable asset. We can help you defend it.

Small Claims Self-Help Kit

Our easy-to-use kit includes everything you will need to competently represent yourself in court. You will receive comprehensive instructions on how and where to file suit, an overview of the lawsuit process, what kinds of cases may and may not be brought in small claims or justice court, costs and fees, legal forms for a petition (Plaintiff) and original answer (defendant), the appeals process, and how to collect a judgment.

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